Workshop on Social Aspects of Automated Knowledge Base Construction

Chaitanya Baru, Geof Bowker, David Ribes, Sam Klein

Abstract: The objective of this workshop is to provide an open forum for discussing social challenges for the AKBC community, and to explore the question: Which aspects of the social context influence automated knowledge base construction, and how? Knowledge by its very nature adds social components and context to underlying data. Even automated methods operate in a social context--social processes influence all aspects of AKBC systems from design to end use. All data are socially shaped and there is far more entanglement between automated methods and social issues than a first glance understanding of automation might suggest. This workshop will provide a forum for AKBC attendees to explore these issues along with individuals with expertise and experience in related areas--in order to explore the landscape, understand key concepts and known results in this area, and engender a discussion towards the cutting-edge of research formulations. Given that this is a new area of multidisciplinary, convergence research, the workshop is open to receiving position papers, narratives, and examples of failures as well as successes.